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Hey Beautiful Soul,

I am so pleased you have landed

on this page!

I'm Sonia, a spiritual empowerment coach,

im dedicated to helping you manifest

the life and business of your dreams,

and live out your soul purpose. 

My Mission

I help women like you step into your

power and share your spiritual gifts, and

message with the world. 

I believe you are meant to do BIG things and change A LOT of lives...the only thing ever holding you back is your own limiting beliefs that don't serve you. Its time to create a new story!

For as long as i can remember ive been obsessed with finding my 'soul purpose' and have always felt a sense of some greater mission.

For over a decade i owned a beauty salon, i was in a constant cycle of burn out, exhaustion and adrenal fatigue. I was a people pleaser, i had no boundaries and i always felt like i had to work hard and harder and push myself to the limit to make any money. This business completed owned me and for a long time i felt trapped and stuck in a business model i knew wasn't serving me.

This propelled me on a journey of personal and spiritual growth and realising my own self-worth and potential.

I now have a business and life that is in true alignment with my soul calling and now that I've learnt to work smarter rather than harder, money now flows to me with ease and abundance.

I realised that i was in control of my own destiny. I always was and always will be. You are too! We are creators. You can seriously manifest anything you want in your life, and i want to show you how.

After a great deal of personal and spiritual growth (why by the way in never-ending) i realised one thing- i am here to help others step into their spiritual power and create a life they truly align with.

Together, we can change the world.

Its your time to shine babe!

Love & Light

Sonia x

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